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Psp2 Exists


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The PSP2 exists and EA has had access to it - according to the publisher's senior vice president Patrick Soderlund.

Rumours of the tech included in Sony's new handheld have been bouncing around games news sites of late - from talk of an HD screen to hints that it will rival Xbox 360's power.

However, no major publisher has admitted that it has seen the device - until now.

In a new interview, which will be published on CVG soon, we asked EA's Soderlund: "Have you had any exposure at all to the PSP2?"

He replied: "Well, obviously as a developer we have had that - but I'm not allowed to talk about it."

Soderland was obviously reluctant to talk about Sony's new hardware - and skilfully avoided giving away any more detail.

When asked about his expectations for the console, he said: "We can't talk about it because of our relationship with Sony obviously, which is... That's just the way it is."

Soderland's comments come after Mortal Kombat's executive producer Shaun Himmerick's admission that his studio had access to PSP2. We think it's safe to say that the console's out there as we speak. Who wants one?

Fonte: CVG

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VG247 has obtained the world’s first images of a PSP2 dev kit.

The shots clearly show the device’s forward- and rear-facing cameras, as well as the much-discussed trackpad on the rear of the unit.

Note that this isn’t the console’s final form factor. As you can see, some developers are working with a kit with similar construction to a PSP go at the moment – see the update below – with a sliding screen over physical controls. We don’t know when the final physical spec will be nailed down, only that this isn’t it.

We were first told PSP2 kits were in developers’ hands early this year.

It has an HD screen. The last set of rumours surrounding the handheld said the chipset has yet to be finalised.

The machine is rumoured to be extremely powerful, with approximately twice as much RAM as a 360.

EA has confirmed it’s had “exposure” to the unit, and developer Netherrealm has openly admitted it’s working with a kit.

PSP2 is supposedly heading for release in late 2011.

If you’re in any doubt as to the authenticity of these images, don’t be. It is what it is. Enjoy.

Update: We’ve been told by a source that these images are from the last kit. There’s a newer one, which is a single, non-sliding block. Remember those last Kotaku rumours of the unit overheating? Sony switched back a form like PSP-1000 in order to cool it down.



Como é que este pessoal sempre à ponta da tecnologia consegue tirar fotos tão rascas...?

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The machine is rumoured to be extremely powerful, with approximately twice as much RAM as a 360.

Porque é que eles dizem 360 e não pas3? lolol

Quanto à Ram não é muito difícil de prever. Hoje em dia ate os smartphones já têm 512 de Ram, ou seja a mesma coisa que a X360/PS3.

Logo vir com 1Gb é o mais normal.

Falta saber é se o Processador consegue acompanhar a maior quantidade de Ram.

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