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Custom Ios: Waninkoko Cios 38


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O :god: waninkoko lançou a mais recente actualização à sua cIOS.




[ CIOSX rev 19 ]:

- Fixed the cover register emulation in DIP plugin.

- Fixed bug in DIP and FFS plugins (this caused the SDHC module bug).

- Fixed USB device support in FAT module.

- Removed support for invalid FAT characters in FAT module.

- Added support for invalud FAT characters in FFS plugin.

- Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

[CIOSX rev 18]:

- Added support to IOS37, IOS38, IOS57, IOS60 and IOS70.

- MLoad module added (not Hermes version).

- DIP plugin improved (auto-installable plugin).

- FFS plugin improved (auto-installable plugin).

- EHCI module improved.

- FAT module improved.

- SDHC module improved.

- ES plugin removed.

- Patching system improved.

- DVD+DL bug fixed.

- Support for invalid FAT characters (replaced with '_').

- FAT support in DIP plugin.

- NAND emulation path redirection improved.

- Added full and partial NAND emulation modes.

- Added support for IOS logging to a buffer.

- Added support for IOS logging through USB Gecko.

- IOS module loading support from PPC.

[ CIOS38 rev 17 ]:

- DIP plugin improved (some code has been rewritten).

- More error 001 bug fixing.

- DVD+DL bug fixed.

- FFS plugin fixed.




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