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Procuram-se Beta-Testers Para Final Fantasy XIV

A Square Enix começou a aceitar inscrições para a fase de testes beta de Final Fantasy XIV, o novo MMORPG baseado no universo fantástico de Final Fantasy criado por Hiromichi Tanaka.

Os jogadores interessados em ingressar nesta fase do desenvolvimento do jogo, deverão entrar em http://entry.ffxiv.com/eu/index.html (apenas jogadores Europeus), e seguir as indicações. A inscrição não garante a participação na primeira fase de testes, mas como vão ser realizadas outras fases, a hipótese de ser seleccionado é maior.

Final Fantasy XIV terá como cenário o belo mundo de Eorzea, uma terra de deuses poderosos, onde os heróis voltarão a unir forças para vencer os monstros e seres míticos que assombram este mundo.


Final Fantasy XIV está a ser desenvolvido para PC e PS3, e será lançado em 2010.

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A Couple More Details About Final Fantasy XIV

Over the weekend, Square Enix held an event that not only celebrated 8 years of Final Fantasy XI, but held a "mysterious" Final Fantasy XIV event. How...mysterious.

According to website FFXIVCore, a teaser site FFXIV for March 11 is opening, and the game will have a beta (details are scant). On March 1, info for the FFXIV Alpha will be sent to players.

There was new gameplay footage shown as well.

Besides FFXIV, there was FFXI news: the level cap has been increased to 99, and Odin and Alexander will appear as Summons in FFXI.

More info in the link below.

Today's the Day! Core at Vana'Fest 2010 [FFXIVCore]

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Here Is Some Info About Final Fantasy XIV

Upcoming online role-playing Final Fantasy XIV will take place in a sci-fi meets fantasy universe. That we know. But that's not all.

According to recent Japanese game magazine articles, there's more. Much, much more. Website FFXIVCore.com has a long laundry list of all the nitty gritty, but here are some selected highlights:

• The PC version will be able to run on PCs from a few years ago, but the alpha version will only run on high-end PCs

• Can be run on 512MB of VRAM and above

• Alpha test starts soon

• Square wants to make it possible to play with your friends from FFXI

• Character customization won't be fully available in beta (can't change facial features)

• There's a mode for restoring HP while moving

• The plan is the make the maximum number of members in a party between 6 and 8, and there will also be alliances

• The important things in battle are distance, range, and direction

• There will be magic you can use while moving

Apparently, FFXIV will have players fight on the move, and in battle, position is key.

Square Enix has included information about registering for the FFXIV beta in copies of Final Fantasy XIII's PS3 version. You register?

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estive a jogar um bocado, e realmente é muito bonito graficamente, mas a custa disso fica muito pesado.

o Sistema de combate é igual a tantos outros MMO, assim como a interacção com o mundo. so joguei mesmo um bocadinho porque o server entrou em manutenção..

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