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An Early Look At The Warhammer 40K MMO

Texas-based developer Vigil have been working on a Wargammer 40K MMO for years now. And in all that time, have shown only a single piece of concept art. Let's add a little to that, eh?

A friendly source has sent us these pieces of concept art for the game, used in the early stages of development. They're mostly by Billy Wardlaw, an environment and character artist at Vigil, with a little help from character designer Kolby Jukes, who's most recently done a little work on Mass Effect 2 (he designed frogman assassin Thane).

They're not exactly screenshots, we know, and being such a long-term project, early concept art is just that: early. They still look great, though, especially the Marine, so we figured they're worth sharing.

AoTOes.png BdOt8s.png QJc6Ws.png 5yqcxs.png NXQuxs.png nQIT9s.png

qHbMps.png 34aV6s.png XzWHYs.png kAYY2s.png V26cts.png

NICE! :clap:

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Warhammer 40K Game To Make Long-Awaited Debut At E3

Having been operating undercover for years now, it appears that THQ's massively multiplayer game based on the Warhammer 40K universe will make its public debut at next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

It's about time.

THQ boss Brian Farrell said earlier today that the game, which was last seen when we showed you some concept art in 2009, will be on show at E3 in all its glory, promising to "fully unveil" the highly-anticipated project.

The Warhammer 40K MMO is in development at THQ's Austin studio, Vigil, and is seen by the company as its biggest potential bread-winner in the years ahead. As it should: do a 40K MMO right and you've got yourself a license to print money.

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