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Nurburgring: The Movie


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Nurburgring: Das Movie

The Nurburgring is a big, epic circuit. Therefore any attempt to convert its bigness and epicness onto the silver screen must be equally big and epic.

On the evidence of this trailer, it looks like the upcoming movie Titan, by French director Stephane Benini, might get rather close to conveying that bigness and epicness.

It’s certainly there in the sound department, mixing classical strings with The Best Sounding Racecars Volume III (order your copy now in time for Christmas!). We’re especially loving the beefy noise of the Aston DBR9 – which one’s your favourite?

Before you hit play, just a couple of pointers: first, make sure you’ve got your speakers turned up DEAFENINGLY LOUD. Second, at six minutes it isn’t exactly a tiny bite-sized trailer.

But what else would you expect from a film about endurance racing at the world’s longest race track?


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Nice clap.gif

não sabia que esse era o maior circuito, até pensava que o da Bélgica era maior

Tens duas variantes de Nurburgring. A original tem 20kms de perímetro e é esta (Nordschleife):


Mais tarde, construiu-se uma variante para poder receber a F1, que é esta:


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Yaps, é o maior circuito do mundo... já conduzi nele (na PS2, no Gran Turismo :P ) alias, em termos de circuitos míticos só conduzi no de Le Mans, na estrada nacional que faz parte do circuito, claro :D

Quando sair pela net, vou sacar :clap:

EsCk, excelente info :y:

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