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Jogos Wii Com Nova Protecção


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> Wii.ISO.Releases.Will.Need.BCA.Data.ReadNFO.Wii-OneUp.nfo


> Wii (ISO)

> 2009-12-02

> .nfo release

> http://www.eurasia.nu/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2488

> We would like to bring to your attention the new Anti Piracy Protection

Nintendo have started using called BCA (Burst Cutting Area) checking


modrobert (eurasia): "As you might know by now the protection used in NSMB

(New Super Mario Bros) for Wii is a BCA check (Burst Cutting Area). Actually

the drive command 'ReadDiscBca' is old but this is first time it has been used

in a game to check the disc. In order to avoid cracking each game with this

protection the BCA data should be collected from the original game disc and

stored somewhere so it can be handled by either modchips or softmods in a

proper way.

For those who wish to load backup games from disc regardless if they have

modchip or softmodded Wii it might be a good idea to store BCA within the ISO.

Overburning DVD-R seems to be asking for trouble as some burner firmware can't

handle it, same goes for certain media. Other backup solutions might benefit

from doing the check in a separate external file perhaps.

In any case the BCA data is required from the original disc when ripped and

I think the best way would be to create some kind of standard to deal with it.

Maybe in the form of a PPF3 patch (with undo data) as I don't think it would be

a good idea to mess with the game dumps directly."


Note from OneUp:


We at OneUp believe the ISO should still be left untouched/unpatched for release

but due to the fact that BCA checks are now being used, we also believe that it

is the responsible thing for Wii ISO groups to include this 64 bytes of

BCA data in the form of a separate text accompanying the ISO file

We have included the application uLoader that is capable of displaying

an ORIGINAL Wii games BCA data, once installed follow steps below

1 - Insert ORIGINAL Wii DISC

2 - Click on 'DVD Button'

3 - Click on 'Show BCA Data' Button

4 - Write down your BCA data for release

...::: Example for New Super Mario Bros. Wii :::...

0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000

0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000100000000 0000000000000000

James.Camerons.Avatar.The.Game.PAL.Wii-GLoBAL has BCA data protection but no BCA

data is available.

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Então mas tipo os jogos da Wii não é preciso gravar para um DVD? Tipo se tiver o jogo num disco externo, por USB o gajo come aquilo?

Já não meto dvd's na minha wii há algum tempo, nem os originais que tenho.

É mais prático e mais barato.

Por exemplo o New Super Mario Bros se gravares num DVD são 4.37 GB que vão há vida, quando metes num disco USB ele ocupa o seu espaço real, o que no caso do NSMB são 380MB...

Já dizia o Guterres é só fazer as contas :-..

Além de que poupas a tua drive, logo a probabilidade de a drive avariar é mínima em comparação a quem usa dvd's.

Eu corro esse jogo "James.Camerons.Avatar.The.Game." Pelo USB Loader sem problema.

Os USB loaders papam tudo :-..

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Lol, um jogo da Wii só ocupa 400 megas?

Os iso's são descomprimidos quando são inseridos no disco rígido, o que diminui, bastante o espaço de alguns jogos. Jogos de 4.50gb's chegam a ter 300mb.

Mas claro depende muito do jogo.

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a minha ideia é que quando é feito dump de um jogo da wii o iso leva tudo, até sectores que seriam vazios, e quando ele é passado para o disco toda essa informação desnecessária é removida.

o NSMB ocupa são pouco porque não é um jogo com muitas texturas, assim como os wii sports.. se fores ver quanto ocupa o dead space extraction e etc eles ocupam mais..

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