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Interstelar Marines


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Developed by Zero Point Software, an independent studio out of Copenhagen, Interstellar Marines is a sci-fi hybrid that combines the cooperative gameplay and military realism of the tactical shooter with the character development and narrative depth of RPG's. According to Zero Point, the first playable demo will available at GDC and new trailers will be shown highlighting the game's gameplay and features.

"Interstellar Marines has come a long way since we released our proof-of-concept trailer," said Kim Haar Jørgensen, Game Director at Zero Point. "We've invested a lot of resources in getting the GDC demo right, and it goes a long way to show how Interstellar Marines will push the FPS genre forward in terms of player immersion and campaign cooperative gameplay."

Basically it's a new FPS that focuses on realism and non-linear gameplay.

The game looks to set new standards for player immersion through character awareness, environmental realism, and a brand new in-game communication technology.

PSU will be attending GDC this year, so we'll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest on this new AAA first person shooter.

Teaser 2005

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Epah brutal!

E estava a ver o vídeo, ouvi o gajo falar em 4 operatives e lembrei-me logo do L4D.

Mas isto com tubarões em terra é outra coisa! :lol:

Btw, tem bons gráficos!

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Aqui estão alguns developer diaries... mt bom! :y:

Curti o conceito de quem subsidia este jogo é quem quiser dar dinheiro! :y:

Interstellar Marines "The Model"

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Bem, depois de adiamentos, cancelamentos, falências e afins... parece que a malta da Zero Point Software é dura e lá anda na guerra de tentar acabar o jogo!

Em vez de mandar trailers ou screenshots do jogo criaram o THE VAULT... É o jogo em pausa para nós podermos ver os modelos e detalhes à vontade! BRUUUUUUUUUUUTAL!

Check it out: IM: The Vault

Não esqueçer isto é meia dúzia de gajos sem apoios nenhuns a tentar concretizar um sonho deles! De valor!


PS:. É precisar ser membro no site para ver.

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