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Japanese Rape Game Makers Ignore USA Request

First off, let me make my voice known that I hate rape, violence towards women etc. I find that the people who commit those crimes deserve to die. So I will not be playing the game called RapeLay when its released (none North America Release) However, the USA seems to think that their laws apply to another countries again, which is getting old and annoying.


“RapeLay is a molestation simulation that allows you to terrorize a woman and her two teenage daughters, with events ranging from groping on a train to gang rape and forced abortions. ” Just to make everything clear, I do not support this sick game in any way. If it was being released in my country I would probably sign the petition to ban it. But since its not being sold in my country its not my business. Well surprise surprise the USA doesn’t think the same way.

Seems they think it should be illegal cause its 1)wrong (different cultures value different things as morally right and wrong, telling others to follow yours is “wrong” I’m a hypocrite I know) 2)It breaks the laws in the USA and 3)they are under the idea that they know Japanese law and that the company is breaking it. They claim that Japan has obligations under the 1985 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women to block this game.

Its a shame they think they know so much about other countries laws considering a group who does not like the idea of the game still have to defend its right. That group, Japanese government’s gender equality bureau. As they pointed out, yes there is a problem with the law but right now they cannot do anything about it.

Spokesperson for the game company, Makoto Nakaoka “We are simply bewildered by the move. (People telling them they are breaking laws and to stop it cause its illegal in USA). We make the games for the domestic market and abide by laws here. We cannot possibly comment on the campaign because we don’t sell them overseas.” Well said, well said.

“Once “Free Phase” unlocked the different girls can get pregnant. If ever the child gets born the player will be thrown in front of the subway train. Forced abortion will result in the girls committing suicide by suicide pill”.

That’s just fucked up. Again I personally think the game is wrong but I also trust the players to know the difference between GAME and reality. I also wish the USA would be like hmmm maybe we should stop telling other countries what to do. But I live in my own world I guess. I hope the USA doesn’t come and tell me how to live that too.

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tipo... Japão: 5º País mais pacifico do mundo, Usa: 96º país mais pacifico do mundo. Acho que faziam melhor em preocupar-se com o seu próprio nariz lol enfim...

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