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Extreme Male Beauty


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Extreme Male Beauty


New series. Documentary examining the pressure men feel to

achieve physical perfection. Journalist and TV presenter

Tim Shaw, a 35-year-old father of two, ditches his heavy

drinking and curry-fuelled lifestyle, and embarks on a

gruelling eight-week diet and exercise plan. Along the

way, he meets men who have gone to extreme measures

to reach their goal

From Beckham in his Y-fronts to Daniel Craig’s super-sculpted Bond, there’s never been more finely honed and perfectly groomed male flesh on public display. Suddenly it’s men who are feeling the pressure to look good. This brand new series explores the extremes men are prepared to go to in their pursuit of physical perfection.

Each week, Extreme Male Beauty follows the journey of one man as he’s transformed from slovenly slob to perfect Adonis. From his face to his pecs, his teeth to his wardrobe, each man will be transformed by a cosmetic super team. The team includes renowned plastic surgeon Mr. Vik Vijh, men’s stylist Tom Stubbs and celebrity cosmetic dentist James Russell.

Avoiding cosmetic intervention, journalist Tim Shaw exchanges his ‘five pints a night and zero exercise’ lifestyle for a gruelling diet and exercise regime in an attempt to hone his body to its peak of physical perfection. From pec enhancers to penis pumps, Tim will road-test products and treatments that claim to improve every conceivable part of the male anatomy.

Tim also meets the men taking their quest for perfection to shocking extremes, including a steroid-injecting bodybuilder and a man who has his penis injected with silicone to make it bigger.

Sports stars, actors and athletes have graced its cover before and now the search is on to find a new cover model for Men’s Health Magazine. The series follows men from all walks of life as they compete in the initial mass auditions through to the winning cover photo shoot for the May 2009 edition of the magazine.

Plus, in Revelations from the Locker Room, men discuss the pressure to look good; while What Women Really Want sees women reveal what they really think about the male form.

Extreme Male Beauty will air on Channel 4 this April.


Ainda estou a pensar se saco.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Vi o ep2 e :lol: isto vai bater recordes de sacanso. Preparem-se...

O tipo mostra uma tecnica infalivel, arabe, de aumentar e engrossar a pila. :realfun:

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