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Abgx 1.0 Tutorial


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How to verify Xbox 360 backups are Stealth Patched with ABGX 1.0 - Tutorial

ABGX 1.0 Tutorial

I've been seeing a lot of talk lately from individuals wanting to know how to properly verify that your Xbox 360 Backups are Stealth Patched and Verified. It's a pretty easy process, that involves the use of ABGX 1.0, a program that can make Stealth games from a ISO dump, and can also be used to verify that your backups are 100% Stealth.

The first thing you need to do is download ABGX 1.0 for your current platform - Download them here. This is also the latest version, which supports iXtreme Firmware 1.51 with Wave3 support.

Now, install it and let's get started.

Next you need to have a Xbox 360 Backup already downloaded, you can always find them for download from a Pirate in the bay.

abgx_home_screen.jpgThis is how it should look on a PC when you first open the program. What we're going to do next, is create two settings for use. One of them will be just to verify a ISO image, and the next, is only to be used, if the game does not come back Stealth Verified.

autofix.jpgThe first thing you need to do, is click on the AutoFix tab, and select Level 3 (Autofix is stealth passes but fails verification).

Once you have done that, go to the top left of the program, click on File -> Save Settings. Name is anything you want, I named it "FixingISO".

So now we have two settings, a Default, which should be used on all backups you get, and a Second one, to patch them if you run into issues.

Now were going to load a iso image. And if you're wondering, if the .dvd file is incorrect, both settings will automatically create a new one, that you can use IMG burn with.

folder.jpgGo ahead and click on the folder, to select your iso image.

Okay, the next step once you have loaded the file, is to click on the Launch button on the bottom of the program. Let this cycle through all the way. If for some reason you get an error, this is when you want to load the custom settings you created earlier. So for this first pass, let's just keep it on the default settings.


You should see a screen similar to this. Let it run all the way through. Typically, if the stealth passes, once it gets to checking the Game CRC, i just hit Q to quit the process. But in your case, let it go all the way through.


As you can see from the image above, this Backup failed verification, there was no verified rip of the Xex/SS in the online database. This is when you'll click on load settings, or just click on Autofix level 3. Then, just re-run the program, and it will automatically download and update your Backup ISO. Other types of failures are you might get are error's in the SS, DMI, or PFI, thus it will automatically quit.

And that's pretty much it. The only step you have to do next is burn it with IMG Burn, which can be found here. Also, make sure you're using good quality media, such as Verbatims 2.4x DL, those are the only Dual Layer Disc that I recommend for burning Xbox 360 backups.


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Pessoal, saquei 2 jogos que me dão erro a verificar o CRC na imagem, mas ao verificar o DVD depois de gravado já não dá erro. Não há problema em jogar certo?

Pessoal, saquei 2 jogos que me dão erro a verificar o CRC na imagem, mas ao verificar o DVD depois de gravado já não dá erro. Não há problema em jogar certo?

bump? :unsure:

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Acho que já tinham dito noutro tópico que mesmo com o erro CRC na imagem, não era muito seguro jogar no Live. Mas o HERi é que domina isto.. espera por uma resposta dele, ou manda-lhe uma PM.

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Deves ter sacado ISO's "homemade".

Ninguém vai meter a mão no fogo e dizer-te que estás safo.

Esse aviso está lá por alguma razão.

Eu, pessoalmente, não me preocupo muito com isso :P

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