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Customizing System Properties


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Revised February 28, 2002

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You can bring up Windows System Properties three ways:

Right click the My Computer icon and select Properties

If you have a 104-key keyboard, press and hold the Windows key, and press the Pause key.

In Control Panel, click System

Some OEMs place their own logo and support contact information on the System Properties “General” tab. Some users want to remove this, or to add their own choice of logo and/or text information. This is easy to do.

The distinctive OEM logo and text are controlled by two files. The first is called OEMINFO.INI. The second is called OEMLOGO.BMP. Both are in the System folder (usually C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM in Windows 9x,; or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 on Windows XP). If neither of these files exists, you can create them.

OEMINFO.INI can be edited with Notepad. If it exists, open it and edit it to suit yourself. If it doesn’t exist, cut and paste the following into a new Notepad file, be sure to save it with the name OEMINFO.INI (and not with a .TXT ending), and then edit it to suit yourself. (Replace TEXT YOU WANT with text you want.)


Manufacturer=TEXT YOU WANT


[support Information]





Provided you have text in the line1= line, a “Support Information” button will appear on the General tab of System Properties. Clicking on this button will display the rest of the text. However, if you do not have anything in line1=, or if the line is empty after the = sign, the button will not appear. This serves as an easy way to turn the button on and off without losing the data in the meantime.

OEMLOGO.BMP is a bitmap file that will be automatically used if present. It is limited to a maximum size of 180 pixels wide x 114 pizels high.

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