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Keytoss - Um Super Portal Para Smartphones

Walt Sousa

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Existem muitos portais para smartphones. Imensos...

Só para terem uma ideia de quantos.

De tanta oferta existente é complicado escolher aquele que é o melhor de todos. Eu já experimentei dois: o Keytoss e o Mippin e devo ter tido pontaria pois são considerados de entre os melhores existentes.

Mas vamos conhecer mais a fundo o Keytoss.

Take a look at what it has to offer:


Easy Navigation - Use your keypad for shortcuts across most pages. Your phone has a keypad. You can now use it to navigate your new favorite mobile website. Section 2, section 5, next page, next section, top of page. It doesn’t get any better than this. If you have a trendy “touch” phone without a keypad or a phone with an awful browser, you’re missing out.


Search - What would a portal be without search? Google gives you access to one search tool at a time for mobile devices. MSN gives you one search tool at a time. Yahoo gives you search results from a few tools every time without giving you a choice.

KeyToss allows you to choose from over fifty different mobile-friendly search tools - including Google, Amazon.com, Dictionary.com, eBay, Flickr, PriceGrabber, UPS Package Tracking, Wikipedia, Yelp and YouTube. All from one search bar.

And when you search on KeyToss using Google Local, yellowpages.com, or yelp.com, KeyToss automatically customizes the search to your pre-selected location. How cool is that? How many sites automatically do that for you? Each time you use it, remember to smile at how awesome your mobile device is because you use KeyToss.


Weather - Get a 5-day forecast from msn.


News - What websites do you visit to get your news and information? Choose from over 650 installed news sources. Select as many as you’d like. Is there a website or blog that you’d like to see? If it has an RSS or Atom news feed, you can add it yourself. If you’re unsure about how news feeds work, feel free to contact us, and we’ll add it for you.

Customize how to display your news headlines. Convert the links with your choice of mobile transcoder. KeyToss gives you more control than any mobile news reader available


Mobile Links - Localized links save you time. When you click on Fandango, MovieTickets.com, radio station locator, and others, you’re sent to the new site with your location already submitted. If you change your location on KeyToss, the links automatically change as well.


Sports Scores - Like sports? Or like to pretend you know what’s going on? Get the latest scores for your favorite teams here, courtesy of ESPN. Want more detail on each game or team? We link directly to the game box scores and team stats at the new espn.com. Awesome site, btw.

We’ve got MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA. If golf were a team sport, we’d have the PGA and LPGA too. If there were fewer than a hundred colleges, we’d have NCAA scores here too.


File Transfers - A convenient way to install apps or transfer files to your phone. Just upload any file up to 20MB from your computer. You have a week to retrieve it from your device. KeyToss will automatically remove your file when it expires. But really, it should take a minute or two. You get a whole week. No charge.

Site do Keytoss

E já agora tb o Site do Mippin

O KeyToss concorre directamente com o Yahoo Mobile e com o iGoogle e pelas criticas que tem recebido parece que temos aqui um concorrente de peso.

Para quem usa internet no telemóvel estes portais são de uma enorme utilidade. ;)

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