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Everybody loves Lost Easter Eggs, those cool little nuggets the writers and producers squeeze into every episode. Whether it’s one of the Numbers appearing on a sign, a brief cameo by a very minor character or a neat literary or film reference, Lost adds fun little tidbits into every episode.

All these Lost Easter Eggs help to make watching the show a unique experience. Sure, casual viewers can watch and enjoy what happens with the characters. But for the hardest of hardcore fans, catching all the little clues and following the online adventures make Lost so much more than just another TV show.

Every week after a new episode of Lost, we take a close look and find the Easter Eggs regular fans might have missed, and here you can check out all of them.

For every episode of Lost season 5, we collect the Eater Eggs and create an easy to view slideshow with all the Eggs we could find. They’re great to catch up on the latest episode, or to relive past episodes to see if any of the little clues have more meaning after a huge revelation. Check out our slideshows for all the Lost Easter Eggs from season 5, and check back after every new episode for more.

Para verem os "ovos da Páscoa" vão a esta página.

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Está engraçado. Houve muito que não apanhei.

Jack’s Eye

If you didn’t pick up on this connection, you should hand in your Lost fan membership card.



Tenho ideia que no final desta série, quem quer encontrar a ilha será o governo americano.

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