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O Leopardo E O Macaco


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O resto da historia já agora

Tragically, when morning came, the camera team realised that the tiny baboon was no longer showing signs of life. "We think it was simply too small to survive the night without its natural mother and the sustenance she could provide," says Joubert. "As the sun came up, Legadema realised that the baby had died, and moved on."

Joubert observed this scene while filming a wildlife documentary, Eye Of The Leopard, which follows Legadema from birth to adulthood. "We came across a mother leopard and her eightdayold cub, Legadema, and followed her as she grew up," he explains.

"We were filming the adult leopardess when this adorable little cub stuck her head out of the log which was their den. It was possibly the first time she had ventured into the outside world, and she stumbled around in the sunlight, falling over as if she were drunk."

On finishing their project, the film crew left Legadema to follow her own path in the wild - but they still check up on her occasionally.

Joubert adds: "We have just heard that she will soon have her own baby to care for, just as she cared for that tiny day-old baboon."

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