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Death Magnetic Mastering


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Ao que parece o pessoal pelo mundo fora está enervada com a qualidade sonora do novo album dos metallica.

O propio Death Magnetic mastering engineer Ted Jensen admite :

RE: Death Magnetic mastering job
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Thanks for writing.

I’m certainly sympathetic to your reaction, I get to slam my head against that brick wall every day. In this case the mixes were already brick walled before they arrived at my place. Suffice it to say I would never be pushed to overdrive things as far as they are here. Believe me I’m not proud to be associated with this one, and we can only hope that some good will come from this in some form of backlash against volume above all else.
Há inclusive uma petição:
Death Magnetic is a fantastic effort from Metallica, however many of us are disappointed by the poor audio quality present on the album. Please sign this petition so that we can hopefully either get it remastered, or re-mixed, depending on where the problems occurred at some point, or to ensure that the next Metallica album does not suffer from the same issues, or get caught up in the loudness war that is ruining modern music. UPDATE! Apparently the brick-wall limiting and compression was done before it reached the mastering facility. I'd say the best we can do now is just raise awareness, as it is unlikely that re-mastering will save this album.
Comentários como estes encontram às centenas em trackers da especialidade:
The vinyl will be just as bad, since it's the mix that is screwed, not the mastering.

Ah well, this is what Metallica wanted us to here... it's their record. Too bad though, I feel ripped off buying this record. I can't listen to it in headphones, which is where I listen to most of my records.




Concordam com isto ?

Eu pa dizer a verdade notei logo do inicio algo estranho no som que me irritava mas parece que nem todos notam.

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Sinceramente não notei nada.

Eu notei.... 1 som brutal que só dá vontade de começar à mochada onde quer que nós estejamos!!!!!!!!!!!! :punk: :punk: :punk:


x2 :lol:

Pior é ouvir no carro dá-me logo vontade de me estampar contra todos os carros no transito... mosh automóvel...

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