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Lord Of The Rings - The Return Of The King


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Ai ai.... n sei se kompre isto ou se kompre a do harry Potter Set.... Eu keriak omprar este, mas n tenho a SE do Fellowship of the ring e n seio nde arranjar... (na fnac pelo menos nas prateleiras n se encontra nenhum :S )

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As Capas :) ~

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Esta caixa traz um DVD Extra

* Bonus DVD: Howard Shore: Creating "The Lord of The Rings" Symphony – A Composers Journey Through Middle-earth (52 mins.)

E uma escultura de Minas Tirith

* Collectible polystone sculpture/keepsake box of Minas Tirith created by J.R.R. Tolkien illustrator Alan Lee

Aqui esta o Conteudo dos DVD's :P

Special Features

Disc 1 & 2: • Extended Directors cut of the Main Feature • Includes Audio commentaries from director Peter Jackson with writer/producer Fran Walsh and writer Philippa Bowens; Members of the design team; Members of the production and post-production team; Members of the cast

Disc 3: • Introduction from Peter Jackson • "J.R.R. Tolkien: The Legacy of Middle-Earth" Documentary • "From Book To Script - Forging The Final Chapter" Documentary • Abandoned Concept: Aragorn battles Sauron • "Designing Middle-Earth" Documentary • "Big-atures" Documentary • "Weta Workshop" Documentary • "Costume Design" Documentary • "The Peoples of Middle-Earth" galleries with audio • "The Realms Of Middle-Earth" galleries with audio • "Miniatures" galleries with audio • "Home Of The Horse Lords" Documentary • "Middle-Earth Atlas: Tracing the Journeys of the Fellowship" interactive map • "New Zealand As Middle-Earth" interactive map with on-location footage

Disc 4: • Introduction from Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan • "Cameras In Middle-Earth" Documentary • Production photos: a gallery of 69 images • "Weta Digital" Documentary • "The Mumakil Battle" interactive feature • "Editorial: Completing The Trilogy" Documentary • "Music For Middle-Earth" Documentary • "The Soundscapes Of Middle-Earth" Documentary • "The End Of All Things" Documentary • "The Passing Of An Age" Documentary • "Cameron Duncan: The Inspiration For Into the West" Documentary • "DFK6498" short film • "Strike Zone" short film

Dia 10 de Dezembro sai :y:

Na Amazon está a £22.99 UK ou nos USA a $55.94

Vamos ver qual o preço que vai sair por cá ???

Será que vai ser uma roubalheira como fizeram com o Star Wars ??

Hope not

Luke > :luke: <

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