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Grabit 1.5.0 Experimental Build


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Ok, time for the whole world to play with a new GrabIt toy! I'm not finished yet, especially the group processing routines that need a lot of work didn't change a lot since release 1.4.7. So don't expect a lot of extra performance in that area. Still I think there are a lot of new features in this current development build that makes it suitable to share with the rest of the world. Especially the GrabIt Search feature will blow your mind! Just try it out and let us know how you like it!

Just to make sure everybody understands. THIS IS NOT A STABLE and NO OFFICIAL RELEASE! It has NOT been tested yet by any of the regular beta testers. So please use it at your own risk. All your old cache files, header downloads and batch files are NOT compatible with this build.

Note: You will need to download all your headers to work with this build. You will need to do the same when you decide to return to any previous release.

Please share any problems or good experiences you have with this build in this topic.

Here is a list of changes:

- New cache format to incorporate Message-IDs (Note: Cache files are NOT compatible with previous releases!);

- Tightened the filename filter a bit to solve some illegal file/foldername issues;

- Improved error feedback in Read article form;

- New date format conversion routine can also convert dates with short year notation (eg. 03 for 2003);

- Solved the exception errors that some people reported while closing GrabIt;

- Batch Import button in Batch screen allows the import of NZB files directly into the batch;

- Batch Import button in Batch screen allows the import of BNS (binnews.com) files directly into the batch;

- Auto shutdown feature now waits until all items are decoded / processed before shutting down the system;

- Tweaked the compression of the cache file to optimize for speed instead of size;

- New 'Download Folder' button in the batch tab will open your download folder;

- Some general optimizations;

- Changed the main font of the controls in the application to Arial;

- Added the possibility to change the font of the views (Groups, Articles, Batch, All Groups);

- Added "Grab to folder first" and "Grab with prefix first";

- Added a new option in the batch popup menu to download a batch item from a different server;

- Incomplete items are now saved with .(Incomplete Grab). in the filename. Peter B. Clements added support for this into Quickpar 0.9 so these files will be recognized;

- GrabIt Search makes it possible to search Usenet without downloading headers or using XPAT.

Ok, isto ainda é a beta release, n é a oficial, mas dá par ver +/- como vai ser pra kem kiser experimentar :)

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Claro k tais a sakar mtos corruptos lol

Isso é mm só para experimentar, n é o final, mas pelo k sei, esta vai ultrupassar na boa as antigos antigos grabits.

E já agora pra quem n sabe a versão 1.4.7 é melhor k a 1.4.6, basta desligarem akele visto dos checking for multi parts erros e ja n tem akele erros k vos fax usar a versão 1.4.6 :P

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Mas mesmo assim desligando isso, nao implica que os files nao venham corrupots, o que veem aos montes com o 1.4.7.


Com o 1.4.6 é sempre sem espinhas, muito raramente tenho que usar ficheiros PAR, com o 1.4.7 quase sempre há ficheiros com blocks a menos que terão que ser corrigidos.

Para mim, a versão mais fiável do Grabit é a 1.4.6 :y:


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Não me lixes Revenge.. usei muito tempo a 1.4.7 e tb julgava que esses poucos ficheiros corruptos seriam normais, mesmo com o tal "check" desligado.

Não me lembro de tirar um file corrupto com o 1.4.6. Não vou dizer que nunca tirei, mas não me lembro mesmo... Quando saco alguma coisa das news só retiro o par2 de referência, e tu?

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eu tou a falar por mim, eu normalmente tiro sempre um oar com um bloco, e raramente o uso, a n ser em ocasioes k as news tao mesmo mto mto más e vem ficheiros corruptos, em situções normais vem tudo direito. Pelo menos a mim.

E depois o 1.4.7 tem o auto-shutdown, e eu como n gosto de deixar o pc ligado a gastar energia sem tar a fazer nada... (e a minha mãe tb n gosta :P )

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