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Egm Confirms Universal's Exclusivity Drop From Hd Dvd

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Breaking News: EGM Confirms Universal's Exclusivity Drop from HD DVD

In EGM's March 2008 Cover Story, EGM clearly signals what every Blu-ray fan has been waiting for: Universal Studio's exclusivity drop from HD DVD. Many suspected with Warner's recent announcement of exclusively supporting Blu-ray that Paramount would follow (being that Paramount's contract with HD DVD cited a clause stating that if Warner defected, Toshiba would allow the studio to diffuse their current 'relationship'). However, that was not the case. Paramount publicly noted that their exclusivity support with HD DVD would remain - as did Universal - after this year's excruciating CES for the HD DVD camp. It seems as though the tables have turned indeed.

With Universal dropping exclusive support with the HD DVD camp, this will allow the studio to release it's films on both high-def mediums. The pros in this move will allow the studio to specifically see which format will perform better, in disc sales, which will later evolve into a concluded decision that will assist Universal in choosing the correct format to support exclusively. With dropping HD DVD support, it is clear that Universal has been listening to the consumers. With Blu-ray internationally dominating the high-def market, HD DVD seems to be slowly dissipating into a mist of absolute abandonment from both consumers and studios. Consumers have been returning their HD DVD players clearly citing which format has won, and studios around the world have been continuously announcing their exclusive support for the Blu-ray format stating that support for the HD DVD medium will no longer be taken into consideration, again, declaring a winner.

With this announcement, Blu-ray owners will now have long-awaited titles (i.e. The Bourne Trilogy) that they have been waiting for - if Universal announces to release for it, that is. Everyone has already chosen the obvious winner of this format; apparently Toshiba has yet to come into realization that its format is no longer being considered by the media industry. Consumers and movie studios alike have declared whom they will exclusively be supporting in the future. Toshiba needs to get their heads out their asses and go out with dignity. All they're doing is confusing uneducated consumers and trying to squeeze out a buck for their own benefit. I, for one, won't be supporting them at all. Yaris, out.

Mais uma facada no HD-DVD. Se já não tinha quase hipóteses, agora praticamente pode dizer adeus.

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Mais uma vez digo que tenho um feeling q isto não vai interessar na luta das consolas tanto quanto as pessoas pensam.

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