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O Que Eu Me Ri

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my way of rapin that ass totally every day without her noticing a thing.

a time-maschine, rape it from old to young. on that way she cant know that you've raped her since she doesnt know what happends the next day :shifty: best of all, her pussy will always be top-notch \o\ since you raped her a day ahead, it wont be streched out.

well the thing is... this theory wont go up cos if youd rape her yesterday today (with time travel) and every day before that AFTER that, the first time you would rape her youd have raped her all times after that already BEFORE that. meaning shed be stretched out to the max.

time travel's tough business

no, i think you missunderstood..

15 years old ----- 20 years old ------ 30 years old

Last rape --------- Second Rape ----- First rape

So my theory still going strong

Nope you missunderstood. According to certain laws of this universe (certain others say its the other way.. meh) everything you have done in the past has already been done by you. So when you go to 30 years old, you will already have been at 15 and 20.

This is extremely confusing...

in "Want to rape" chicks

:funny: :funny: :funny: :funny:

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Ele ja entrou em pratica a foto dele no msn era ele e uma menina encostada ha' parede :-..

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