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Taken from http://worldofraids.com/

http://www.WoWDB.com is the latest major project of the Curse.com team, its also a serious competitor not owned by the same company who has his hands on thottbot/wowhead/allakhazam, and as we say in the tech industry: Competition leads to more innovation.

This brand new World of Warcraft database has some nice features, we will try to list the coolest ones:


First thing we noticed, it loaded very fast (instant?), that alone is a great plus for a database site since you often have to browse several pages per visit. The homepage is very simple (google like) which is a good thing, there are drop-down menus containing links to every section of WoWDB, last but not least WotLK-like design fits perfectly well.

Predictive Search

Upon typing the first letters in the search field, a drop-down menu appeared which one was suggesting us different results based on what we have typed in, that feature will definitely speed up your searchs and help players that arent sure on the spelling of names.

3D Preview

Each item & NPC in the database has a 3D Preview, there is also a link allowing you to preview an item on a character to see how it looks, and if you use their Armory import option, it will use the race & gender of your character.

Side by side item comparisons

WoWDB got an nice feature called "Pin This Item" allowing you to pin an item for every slot, once you clicked on that button (located in the "Quick Facts" window) it will use the item for side-by-side tooltip comparisons in a specific slot (i.e you pinned a cloak, the tooltip will appear for back slot items).

Wish Lists

That feature known to all WoW players first appeared on CTprofile site, WoWDB will allow you to create several saveable item/quest/npc wishlists(i.e. a pve wish list, and another one for pvp).

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Tudo o que esse tem ja e' o que os outros teem ;\ thottbot/wowhead/allakhazam...

Eu sinceramente uso o mais o thottbot, por causa dos comments que existem praticamente para todas as quests. Para items uso mais o wowhead. Quanto ao allakhazam nao desgosto nem gosto.

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fixe!!! já tava a sentir a falta de mais um tópico WOW para avacalhar uma beca...

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