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Yeap é bem visto por acaso nao tinha reparado no elevador

Aqui fica a pic do design que da para ver o modelo do aquario


Aqui fica uma descriçãodo AquaDom pois é assim o nome dele


Nestled in the heart of Berlin, adjacent to the historic Berliner Dom, the Cityquartier DomAquarée is a multi-use development, including a world-renowned four star hotel, retail, recreation, living and office space. Water is the architectural theme of the complex and the impressive AquaDom aquarium is the highlight of this experience. Positioned in the center of the hotel complex, the base of the AquaDom rises 26 feet above the ground floor. Visitors have the unique experience of ascending through the water’s depths as they ride a split-level glass elevator from the ground floor up seven floors, through the center of the AquaDom. As they rise they experience an array of colorful corals, rock formations and a myriad of over 2,000 fish.

The AquaDom breaks all records as the largest cylinder aquarium in the world, at over 52 feet in depth by 36 feet in diameter. This engineering marvel took 150 tons of acrylic to complete. ICM subcontracted Reynolds Polymer Technology to engineer and install the acrylic. The AquaDom was constructed with 24 R-Cast™ acrylic panels for the outer cylinder and 15 R-Cast™ acrylic panels for the inner cylinder bonded together to look seamless. The panels were shipped from the Reynolds Polymer Technology factory in Colorado and then bonded together on-site. Bonding on-site was a complex process with the panels bonded in an upright position within specially constructed environmentally controlled rooms.

The enormous height, water pressure and unique viewing opportunities created a number of challenges for the ICM filtration design team. Maintaining perfect water clarity in an aquarium of this size is achieved through a sophisticated system of filtration components situated two floors beneath the cylinder. One million liters of artificially created seawater are recycled once every hour to ensure that the aquarium occupants are given the best possible environment while maintaining a perfectly clear viewing experience for visitors.

After completion of the concept design, ICM began construction in May 2002. As the aquarium contractor in this multi-use development by Deutsche Immobilien Fonds AG, ICM was responsible for the design, engineering and construction of the acrylic cylinder, as well as the aquatic filtration system and exhibitry. ICM also provides husbandry and operations services.

Established in 1965, Deutsche Immobilien Fonds AG (DIFA) is a leading capital investment firm based in Hamburg, Germany. DIFA is the second largest capital investment company for open-ended real estate funds in Germany with total assets exceeding EUR 15.0 billion and a portfolio that comprises 180 properties. DIFA’s web site is www.difa.de and the email contact is [email protected]. Visit the AquaDom website at www.domaquaree.de.

Já agora para os mais interssados ca fica umas imagens da contrução do bixo.





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