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Passwords E Mais Passwords


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Pessoal necessitava de colocar no meu portátil uma password logo ao abrir e por exemplo kuando fico fora do alcançe dele durante algum tempo. Sei ke o próprio Windows Xp faz isso mas keria algo mais seguro. Alguém conhece algum programa bom?

Thank's.... :plain:

------ EDIT -----

Realmente ñ há nada como telefonar a kem sabe então aki vai:

Password Protected Lock

Password Protected Lock is an excellent security computer lock you can use to secure your PC and protect your privacy. It is attractive, secure, and very easy to use. It starts automatically with Windows and optionally activates desktop lock with password upon loading. It hides your desktop at the same time and provides an informative message that you can edit as you like. You can have the program power down your monitor after a selected period of lock time and even set time restrictions for other users to restrict access to your computer. Optionally, it can show screen lock or launch Windows screen saver. Also it has special screen saver with password protection. Besides, it has the network client validation feature for Windows logon. Lock uses the Windows multiuser system, but doesn't save its passwords in PWL files! This is a password-protected desktop security utility that lets you lock your desktop with a password on boot, or at the time you are leaving your PC.

Para kem precisar... :plain:

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