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Talk To Me (uk)


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Talk to me





Talk To Me stars Max Beesley as radio disc jockey living in London. Mitch finds his life thrown upside down when he finds himself falling in love with his best friend's girl friend.

It's a week before Claire and Woody's wedding.

Everything is getting on top of Claire - it's her first day back at work and she is dropping off her baby at the childminders. Thankfully her boss, Harry is pleased to have her back, but he can see she's not coping.

To add to things - Claire's best friend, Ally has been dumped by Woody's best friend, Mitch and is seeking sympathy. Ironic, that Claire receives flowers at the office from him.

For Ally getting over a nasty break-up involves a visit to Mitch's radio station (only to be escorted out by security) and a weird encounter with a pizza delivery boy after a few too many.

While Ally recovers from a hangover, Mitch and Woody welcome their new boss - headstrong Cassie. Mitch is unimpressed - she's not a pushover. That evening, they both retreat to Woody's house to discuss.

Claire returns. She thanks Mitch for the flowers with a kiss. It's a moment. You can see there's something there.

Meanwhile, Mitch's sister Kelly tells her husband Scott she wants a baby. He's horrified by the idea and admits he regrets the consequences of a one-night stand - his daughter, Charlotte.

In desperate need of attention from her husband, Kelly's eyes start to turn to somebody in her workplace - a student. Ever the diligent teacher, she knows it's wrong to get involved with sexy schoolboy, Aaron. Although, she's tempted...

Wedding rehearsals

Mitch and Ally fail to turn up. Claire is fuming. It's another sign this won't be the fairytale day she's always hoped for.

Woody thinks she's overreacting. This leads to a fiery row, with the crescendo Claire's loaded question to Woody: Why does he want to marry her?. He says he doesn't know why.

Crushed - Claire runs to Mitch. Angry and hurt, she blames him. It is his Lothario ways that have influenced Woody. Now it is Mitch's turn to feel hurt. He explains he is the way he is, because he can't have the woman he desires - she is taken. It's her.

They both can't resist and before you know it, they are in the bedroom.

After the glow, Claire is mortified. She rushes back home to find Woody alone. He apologises and she replies, 'Marry me'.

O primeiro ep foi interessante, muito bom até. Há qualquer coisa na série que a torna logo familiar e a história é cativante. Existem vários personagens muito interessantes, como a professora que está meio apaixonada pelo aluno preferido, ele quer-lhe assaltar o biscoito e se alambazar todo...

É uma produção de qualidade e merece ser vista.

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vi hj o segundo ep

coitado do Woody, ele nao merece aquela p...

e o outro que se diz amigo dele, "graaaaanda amigo"

a stora e o puto LOOOOOOOLLL

quando tiver tempo vejo, mas nao me prende assim ... xega a ser uma beca secante!

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Ora bem, acabei de ver o primeiro episódio e realmente tenho a sensação que já vi isto algures. Não é má a série, mas também não é nada por aí além.

nos Buses aqui em londres o slogan dessa serie e'

"I would do anything for my friend, including his wife"

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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