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How well do you know your friends? Would you bet your life on it? After spending every minute of the last two years living, working, and partying together, grad-school students Jay Burchell, Tyler Fog and Will Traveler depart on a cross-country road trip. But when an innocent prank at one of New York's oldest art museums coincides with the bombing of the iconic building, Jay and Tyler are blamed for the terrorist attack and realize that their "friend" Will may have been the one who framed them. Unable to find Will or any evidence that the Will Traveler they knew even existed, Jay and Tyler are forced to flee the city and go on the run.

Now, hunted by the F.B.I. as domestic terrorists, the friends must rely on each other to elude capture, while trying desperately to prove their innocence by answering two questions -- Who is Will Traveler? Why did he do this to them? Jay and Tyler search for clues both in the present and the past, and slowly unravel a conspiracy that involves their friends and family members and calls into question the very nature of American democracy.

Director David Nutter, who has defined many hit series including "The X-Files," "Without a Trace" and "Supernatural," along with the writer of "Eight Below" (David DiGilio) and the Oscar-winning producers of "American Beauty" (Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen), combine "The Fugitive" and "Enemy of the State" into a taut, tense thriller about innocents on the run. This action-packed drama taps into 21st century paranoia with provocative themes, complex characters and pure adrenaline-fueled entertainment.


Jay, Tyler and Will have spent the last two years in grad school living together. They are about to spend their summer holiday travelling. But, when Will gives Jay and Tyler a simple dare - to rollerblade through one of New York's most famous museums - it makes them prime suspects in a terrorist bombing, that seconds later, destroys the museum. They hope that Will can prove their innocence,...


Serie nova que começou esta semana nos eua.

Sairam 2 episodios, e tou a gostar muito. Esta serie promete mesmo.

Quem curte Prison Break de certeza que tambem vai curtir Traveler. Sao semelhantes em certos aspectos.

No site da abc teem os primeiros 10minutos da serie pa verem ;)

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