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3d Cube Virtual Desktop


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Yod'm 3D is a virtual desktop manager that allows you to have 4 different desktops arranged on a 3D cube. Holding down CTRL+SHIFT and using the left or right arrow keys rotate the cube showing the virtual desktops. Alternatively, you can click and drag your mouse to switch desktops.

Version 1.32

- Correction of MSN shadows.

- Screenshot now include yahoo widgets and transparents windows.

- Correction of a display bug when the taskbar is on top of the screen

- ** Option coming soon : New window move

( modification of parameter in .INI : AutoMoveWindowOnMouseMove: 0 or 1 -> turn cube if the window "go out" of the screen from left or right )

- ** Option coming soon : Activate the cube if the mouse is on right bottom corner of the screen

( modification of parameter in .INI : AutoShowCubeOnCursorHotpos: 0 or 1 -> activate the cube, double-click or enter to switch to the desktop )

- ** Option coming soon : No transparency for the active window

( modification of parameter in .INI : NoTransparencyForActiveWindow: 0 or 1 )

- ** Option coming soon : Hide taskbar icon (run yodm3D again to open options dialog)

( modification of parameter in .INI : HideTaskbarIcon: 0 or 1)

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