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Hi there,
OK, first make sure you back up all of your important files :o)

Next, put the windows XP cd into the drive. Restart your computer. If the boot sequence in your bios is set correctly you will be asked to press a key to boot from the XP disc...

(If it is not set, then hold down <DEL> or <F2> dependent on your motherboard to get into the BIOS (or 'setup') and change the boot sequence so that CDROM is the primary/first boot device)

Once you have done all this, XP will start setting itself up and take you to the place where you can choose to delete your partition (i.e. format your drive - NTFS), if you go through the sequence and do that, then you can choose to press <ENTER> to set up XP on your drive. Make sure you have your license key to hand, as you will need to type that in. Apart from that it is pretty straight forward and XP will guide you through the setup.



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Ainda me lembro de instalar o windows 3.11 com 11 disquetes.....

ainda tenho um PC cá em casa com esse windows :clap:

e também acho que tenho por aí a versão de instalação do windows em disquetes...

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