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Updates e Correcções de bugs -=20/08/04=-

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Como devem ter reparado o FNF esteve offline uns minutos por termos procedido a um upgrade para a versão pf3.

Os seguintes bugs foram corrigidos:

#138014 ACP: Editing wrapper: HTML &#xxx entities not made safe

#138079 ACP: Cache not updated with language pack name change

#138106 Editing member doesn't convert linebreaks in interests field

#138282 Smilie sort order changes when previewing post

#138349 Member's warn bar appears even if protected from warns

#138601 Forward page not redirecting back to topic

#138661 Macros and images not showing in lo-fi version

#138698 Help file + change skin = error

#138762 Rebuilding attachments can remove attachments if sized differently

#138916 Avatar management doesn't show page links when no limit is set

#139069 Lowercase ['act'] attri. breaks some force log in functions

#139143 Custom BBCode not showing in printable page version

#139219 Possible to have negative inbox count

#139259 All attachments not being removed from the uploads folder when pruned from ACP

#139426 Email notification defaults to nothing

#139607 IPBPortal: avatars & jscripts folder not using full URL

#139620 Sending PM: Previewing loses name from contact list

#139650 In-line mod IDs not being removed if no mod action performed

#139783 Custom BBCode is case-sensitive

#139838 ACP: CSS easy mode "color" change not working

#139927 MSG: Editing "send later" PM shows br tags

#140200 Ignored user addition not accepting name with PIPE character

#140783 ACP: Custom BBCode not working correctly with many {content} tags

#141561 (MINOR)Square brackets in username breaks quotes

#141606 Email address log in causing javascript error

#141825 (MINOR)Topic view Linear+ reply count incorrect

#142061 "Dead" registrations not removing converge rows

#142152 ACP: (MINOR) Takes 2 clicks to show updated forum skin usage

Obrigado pela compreensão.

O Staff :fnf:

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