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Nem tenho palavras...

Eu já mandei o meu mail, todos aqueles que defendem os animais, que tomem em consciência se o devem fazer ou não.

Uma das cartas enviadas por um Português:

"Dear Sirs,

I just became aware of what is going on in your country concerning stray animals, according to what is written in http://idausa.org/alert/Greece/

And I must say I was completely shocked.

I have always considered Greece to be a country of beauty and friendly people. Your past is at the very foundation of worldwide culture and values. Your ancestors taught us the meaning of democracy, fairness and bravery. This inhumane poisoning of helpless animals goes against every value we must hold, as human beings.

I´m sure stray animals are quite a problem in your country, as they are in many other countries. But, throughout your History, you never took the easy way out. Why do so at the present time?

You are hosting the Olympic Games. Greece is their birth place. The Games for Humanity, for Peace, for equal oportunities. Don't you thing your current actions regarding homeless animals disgrace the entire set of values the Olympics stand for? Do you really believe killing thousand of animals in such barbaric ways and leaving them to die in torture is the best solution for your problem?

The entire world is watching you right now. I really don't believe this is the kind of message Greece wants to pass out: a third-world country, capable of the most infamous and degrading acts in order to easily solve a problem. If necessary, by killing living things, by killing and torturing defenceless animals.

Please, stop this shameful behaviour. The eyes of the world are upon you. "

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