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 Country : South Korea  

Year: 2002 

Genre: Horror 

Format: DVD 

Running Time: 1H42 

Distributor: Starmax/ Bear Entertainment 

Date reviewed: 11/25/2002 


Producer: x 

Director: Ahn Byeong-Gi  

Cast: Ha Ji-Won, Kim Yu-Mi, Choi Wu-Je


Story: A young journalist starts receiving troubling messages on her cellular phone. When a young girl answers the phone by accident, she seems to become possessed by a malicious spirit. In the Korean thriller "Phone," a girl is threatened and finally killed by events involved with telephone messages from a stranger of unknown source. After the girl’s sudden death, Ji-won, a good friend of hers working as a magazine reporter investigates the case by using her mobile as a clue. He manages to find out the number of the person who sent out the calls, but to his surprise it is no longer in use…

Pois é meus amigos...Terror ao mais alto nivel...

Nao sei se foi de ver as 3 da manha , com tudo escuro e com o som no maximo (aproveitar k ta tudo de ferias) mas este filme subiu-me as pulsaçoes para cima das 150 por minuto.

Ja alguem teve o prazer de o ver? ;)



Korean horror thriller "The Phone" is being remade

Parece k os americanos la teram de copiar...pois kualidade desta inda nao foi vista por la ;)


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