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The formulas for financially successful music are firmly entrenched.  "Copy the popular," is chief among them.  Indie music; however, is managing to keep the music-world fresh and interesting...and actually establishing what is sure to be copied tomorrow.

One such Indie-group, E. S. Posthumus has also been making subtle waves within the realm of film music- specifically in movie trailers. Their first ripple came with the inclusion of their music in the Planet of the Apes trailers in 2001. Also, a selection was used in the intriguing teaser trailer for the Steven Spielberg film, Minority Report.  Most recently, in one of the most downloaded trailers on the internet, the Spider-Man trailer features a power-packed selection from the E.S. Posthumus' Unearthed.

O resto --->AQUI ;)


1 Antissa

2 Tikal

3 Harappa

4 Ulaid

5 Ebla

6 Nara

7 Cuzco

8 Nineveh

9 Lepcis Magna

10 Menouthis

11 Estremoz

12 Pompeii

13 Isfahan

E sim... soa muito bem ;) Obrigada pela chamada de atenção, Prim3r :flowers:

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