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ATI X800 XT Descontinuada???????


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Kirky48 sends word that the ATI X800XT PE product has been discontinued as of Tuesday, August 10, 2004. According to a letter sent out to customers who ordered the X800XT PE from CDW, ATI has discontinued the Radeon X800XT Platinum. The letter states, "Thank you for your recent order with CDW. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has discontinued the ATI Radeon X800XT Platinum. We are still carrying the ATI Radeon X800 Pro for $389.00. This X800 Pro card is currently out of stock for approximately 30 - 60 days. Please advise if you would like to switch your order. If I do not hear from you within 3 business days your order will be canceled." There were rumors of ATI canceling the X800XT especially since the product kept being pushed back. Some people have it, but it was never massed released and from what I read it will never be released. A few posters at Rage3D have also confirmed the email sent from CDW here and here. Not too long ago Gateway dropped their X800XT PE's.


ATI X800 XT not cancelled

Despite what the partners think

By R520 in Bosnia: quarta-feira 11 agosto 2004, 21:25

A READER TELLS us that there is one very interesting mail that he or someone got from the CDW store. The CDW guy claimed that ATI will cancel X800XT cards even the pre-ordered ones. You can check it online here.

Whenever we file links like this, another company will ask us: "Don’t you think that this is from Nvidia or vice versa that wants to spread the rumour?"

Well, therefore, we've asked around and got the real story.

It turns out that many people, even ATI's partners, think that ATI will cancel X800 XT cards and offer their customers X800PRO as replacements. This simply won't happen.

The majority of ATI partners cannot get any of thoee cards since the yields are still not good and the quantities are small. The same rule applies for retail stores - they cannot get something that is not available.

We have confirmation that at least one of ATI's partners shipped some quantities but in a very tiny quantity. OK don’t push us, we will tell you that it was more then ninety nine but not much more.

To remind you, ATI hasn't launched this card that will be clocked at 500/1000 MHz and to stand between 475/900 MHZ clocked X800PRO and 520/1120 MHz Platinum.

XT Platinums are a different story - they're very hard to get but still in better shape then X800XTs. The real quantities will come, believe or not, in September. µ

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XT Platinums are a different story - they're very hard to get but still in better shape then X800XTs. The real quantities will come, believe or not, in September. µ

Tenho uma sapphire X800 XT PE encomendada e tal como vem na notícia está programada ser entregue em setembro...a ver vamos :rolleyes:

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Resposta oficial da ATI em teamradeom.com

Official: X800 XT PE Not Discontinued

Published: 8/12/2004

Author: Team Radeon 

ATI Technologies has given us a response to the latest rumours about the X800 XT Platinum Edition.

Our emails have been filled with people wanting to know if the X800 XT Platinum Edition has been cancelled, due to reports flying around on other websites and message forums, so we got an official response from ATI about the rumours.

"ATI has not discontinued the RADEON X800 XT Platinum Edition as erroneously reported on some web sites. We continue to ship RADEON X800 products to customers worldwide, including the RADEON X800 XT Platinum Edition, RADEON X800 XT, RADEON X800 PRO and RADEON X800 SE.

Because of the popularity and success of our RADEON products - including the RADEON X800 - meeting the strong demand is sometimes challenging, however, rest assured we will continue to ship the RADEON X800 XT Platinum Edition and our full family of visual processors for gamers and computer enthusiasts!"

There you have it. No X800 product has been discontinued.

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