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  1. Não exactamente. O episódio piloto vai ter um reboot, realizado pelo James Wan, que era para ter realizado o piloto originalmente. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/james-wan-direct-cbs-rebooted-903740
  2. Premise: David Haller, a man diagnosed with schizophrenia, has struggled with mental illness since he was a teenager. But everything changes when he meets the girl of his dreams—a fellow patient—and is confronted with the possibility that the voices he hears and the visions he sees might be real. Number of episodes: 8
  3. IMDb Cast: Ben Affleck Henry Cavill Gal Gadot Ezra Miller Jason Momoa Ray Fisher Amy Adams J. K. Simmons Jeremy Irons Amber Heard Willem Dafoe Synopsis: Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes - Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash - it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.
  4. IMDb Cast: Gal Gadot Chris Pine Connie Nielsen Robin Wright Lucy Davis Synopsis: Diana, princess of the Amazons, was raised on a sheltered island and trained to be an unconquerable fighter. After an American pilot (Steve Trevor) crashes on the island and tells her about a world war that is happening, Diana leaves her home to try to stop the war.
  5. Based on: American Gods by Neil Gaiman Developed by: Bryan Fuller, Michael Green Cast: Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday Emily Browning as Laura Moon Pablo Schreiber as Mad Sweeney Yetide Badaki as Bilquis Bruce Langley as Technical Boy Jonathan Tucker as Low Key Lyesmith Crispin Glover as Mr. World Cloris Leachman as Zorya Vechernyaya Peter Stormare as Czernobog Chris Obi as Mr. Jacquel Mousa Kraish as the Jinn Gillian Anderson as Media Omid Abtahi as Salim Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy Demore Barnes as Mr. Ibis Dane Cook as Robbie Kristin Chenoweth as Easter Premise:
  6. True story.
  7. Anúncio oficial da 3ª temporada de Daredevil por parte do Netflix. E já agora os primeiros teasers do que aí vem.