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  1. parabens pah :tease: :flowers: clawman ja' tas todo podre :realfun:
  2. k1x

    Mudar Ip

    k thx n me lembrei disso so escrevi mudar ip :|
  3. k1x

    Mudar Ip

    The error returned was: One or all of your search keywords were below 4 characters or you are searched for words which are not allowed, such as 'html', 'img', etc, please go back and increase the length of these search keywords or choose different keywords.
  4. k1x

    Mudar Ip

    alguem me diz cm se muda o ip sem reiniciar o pc? akela cena do ipconfig...
  5. ouvir musica em k7s lembro-m d ver na tv uma serie chamada flash (axo k e' este o nome)
  6. k1x


    :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realfun: :realf
  7. k1x


    cpma rula qd açlguem kiser jogar k apite
  8. k1x


    com este programa existe uma maneira de ligar pa todo o mundo d borla
  9. k1x

    Canais De Irc

    acho k e' #newsgroups @ PTNet se n der tenta #newsgroupspt
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